Tori Spelling only realised how strong she is when she came through her last pregnancy.

The actress - who welcomed her fourth child, son Finn Davey, into the world in August - was placed on bed rest after being diagnosed with placenta previa and she was amazed at how well she coped at the prospect of losing her life or that of her unborn baby.

She said: ''I just had to commit, and I did. I literally look back, and I'm like, 'Damn. I guess I am strong!'

''We have doubts about ourselves - up and down, career, personal, emotions. When you go through something like that, you realise that women are so damn strong. Specifically once you become a mom, you just throw yourself in and go for it.''

Tori first experienced problems when she had a ''massive bleed'' in her second month of pregnancy, but after being reassured by doctors the baby was fine, things took a turn for the worse after another ''scary, massive bleed''.

She is ''devastated'' that her bleed was witnessed by her four-year-old daughter Stella, who the actress had to summon to get her husband Dean McDermott - with whom she also has Liam, five, and 12-month-old Hattie - to help.

Tori recalled to 'Access Hollywood': ''I screamed for Stella and she came. I said, 'You've got to go get daddy. Tell him Mommy's bleeding bad.'

''I'm always devastated to think that that's what she remembers - that look. There was just blood covering the bathroom.''