Tori Spelling has been named the godmother of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson's adopted daughter.
Tori Spelling, the American actress and star of Beverly Hills, 90210, is the godparent to 8-month old 'Simone Lynn', the adopted daughter of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, reports People Magazine.Scout and Bill, collectively known as 'The Guncles' on Spelling's hit reality television show 'Tory & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood', officially adopted the baby-girl in a ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday (25th February 2011). The gay couple's journey towards parenthood has been documented on the popular series and the pair quickly gained a large fan base. The couple were surrounded by close friends and family, including godparents Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott, for the official signing of the adoption paperwork last week. Horn spoke of his joy at finally being able to take Simone home, saying, "While Scout and I legally became Simone's dads today, the truth is she's been our little girl since the moment she was born. We can't imagine our lives without her". Masterson, a casting director who has worked on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, said, "We feel blessed to have Tori and Dean as Simone's godparents and to have them join us today".
The new season of Tori Spelling's reality series is scheduled to air early this summer and is expected to document Bill and Scout's first few months of parenthood.