Tori Spelling's former love rival MARY JO EUSTACE declined an invitation to appear on the actress' reality show after TV bosses invited the Canadian to stir up controversy on the small screen.
The former 90210 star met her now-husband Dean MCDermott in 2005, when he was married to TV chef Eustace and she was wed to actor Charlie Shanian.
Spelling and MCDermott fell in love and ended their marriages before tying the knot themselves in 2006.
The couple documented their romance in two TV shows, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, and their current series, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.
But Eustace claims show producers wanted to rock their love boat and introduce her to TV audiences in the couple's programme.
In her memoir, Divorce Sucks, Eustace admits she considered the opportunity to "casually" confront Spelling, but decided to stay away from the cameras, reports the New York Daily News.
However, relations with the TV producers soured when she spotted her son Jack, now 10, feature on the show with his dad MCDermott.
She writes, "I said, 'If I ever again see my son with a black X across his face on the show without my permission, we'll be having a whole different type of conversation.
"I have managed to keep my son off the reality show and cast him in his very own and wonderfully private life."