LATEST: Tori Spelling insists that the feud with her mother CANDY has nothing to do with her divorce and re-marriage, but with her mother's relationship with a Beverly Hills businessman. Rumours of a rift between the two first surfaced in September 2005 when Tori separated from her first husband, CHARLIE SHANIAN, and took up with then-married actor Dean McDermott. The buzz grew stronger when the actress launched her semi-autobiographical sitcom, SO NOTORIOUS, in which her mother is portrayed as a shallow shopaholic. Tori insists, "The feud with my mom has nothing to do with my show or my marriage." A source tells American publication Us Weekly, "Tori felt betrayed when she learned that while her father was ill, her mother had been spending a great deal of time with Beverly Hills businessman MARK NATHANSON." Tori will only say, "My mom's behaviour simply made me uncomfortable to be around my family." Candy's representative slams any claims of an inappropriate relationship saying, "(Nathanson) introduced Candy and AARON (SPELLING) 38 years ago. He is a very close friend of the family." Tension in the family has only increased after the death of Aaron last week (23JUN06), when Candy failed to call Tori to inform her of her father's death. A source tells Us Weekly that the actress has no idea how much she may inherit from her father's vast fortune estimated to be $500 million (GBP278 million). The source adds, "She may not get a penny. She has been kept in the dark."