LATEST: Tori Spelling reconciled with her estranged father Aaron Spelling exactly one week before the TV legend suffered a stroke at his California home. The 83-year-old Aaron is currently at home recovering after suffering the stroke on Father's Day (18JUN06). On 11 June (06), Tori visited her father at his Beverly Hills mansion for the first time in nine months and introduced him to her new husband Dean McDermott. Tori split with husband CHARLIE SHANIAN after 15 months of marriage, which reportedly caused her relationship with her family to become strained. She explains, "I'm so over the moon that Dean and my dad finally met." The teary reunion was prompted by her father's ill health and helped along by Tori's brother, RANDY. Before suffering his stroke, Aaron was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2001. Tori is still estranged from her mother, CANDY, who was out of town when the visit occurred. She adds, "It's sad that my mother and I have the relationship we do, but you can't pick your family. "I lost the last nine months of time with my dad because of the circumstances with my mom." Tori says of the reunion with her father, "It was as if a day hadn't gone by since we saw each other."