Tori Spelling's socialite mum CANDY is playing unofficial guardian angel to Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD as he embarks on a career as a celebrity. Spelling has penned a bizarre letter to the photographer, who will learn if he is the biological father of Smith's baby DANNIELYNN later today (10APR07). The widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling sent her written words of wisdom to website in the hope that reporters could get the message to Birkhead. In the letter, she offers Birkhead advice on his appearance and attitude, calling herself a "celebrity-by-association." She begins by urging the photographer to stay well groomed at all times, writing, "Just be warned that you might look good every day for a month. But the one day you leave in a hurry and don't pay enough attention, or you get a little wild with an untested new style - photos will be taken that will haunt you forever." She also advises him on how to deal with lawyers, stating, "You will need more lawyers to fight the legal bills. My advice: Negotiate in advance, and put in a clause against expenses for lawyers, spouses, meals or laundry." This comes two weeks after Birkhead's former attorney, DEBRA OPRI, presented him with a $620,000 (GBP413,300) bill for everything from meals to her husband's laundry. Spelling ends her letter with, "I wish you success in court on Tuesday, but beware: There's never enough preparation for celebrity. "I'll never get used to tour buses and cameras outside my house every day, reporters analysing my grocery choices, and bloggers pretending to know more about my family than I do; but I do have a good life. Yours can be, too. Just remember that celebrity and/or money mean that nothing will ever be the same - and act accordingly."