Actress Tori Spelling is thrilled her actor husband CHARLIE SHANIAN has never seen her work on 1990s series BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 - as she knows he loves the real her.

The glamorous 32-year-old was always paranoid her admirers were only interested in her ditzy on-screen persona DONNA, but finally she has found someone who has no interest in the show.

She says, "He had never seen Beverly Hills, 90210 before, which I liked because my whole life I would meet people who liked me because they saw me on TV.

"You'd think, 'Do they like me or do they like Donna?' I kind of felt bad that he hadn't seen it but inside I was thinking, 'Yes!' That was so refreshing to me."

Spelling and Shanian celebrated their first wedding anniversary last Sunday (03JUL05).

08/07/2005 05:35