The Professional Widow star wrote the music for the show, which launched at London's National Theatre in 2013, and she has been in talks to take it to Broadway.

Tori has now revealed her plans for the musical extend beyond the New York stage, as she wants to eventually adapt the theatre production into a movie.

"We're looking at the possibilities of The Light Princess as a film..." she explains during a webchat for

Tori went on to reveal she has no plans to use her songs to form the basis of a "jukebox musical" such as ABBA's Mamma Mia! or Queen's We Will Rock You.

"Right now I'm more interested in original composition for the theatre or film," she adds. "The idea of a jukebox musical is something at present that I would most likely avoid. Mainly because I'm much more drawn to the possibility of creating something new, whether that's an adaptation of an existing story, like The Light Princess, or coming up with something completely new."

Tori's stage show is an adaptation of George MACDonald's 19th century fairy tale.