Tori Amos' musical is back on track and the singer hopes to finally debut the stage show next year (13).

The Professional Widow star has spent several years working on The Light Princess, an adaptation of a 19th century fairytale, but its scheduled opening at London's National Theatre in April (12) was scrapped and the production was postponed indefinitely.

However, Amos is adamant work on the project is continuing and she plans to unveil the show in 2013.

She tells the Bbc, "The Light Princess has been in development for quite a few years... and the trick has been to have a fairytale story on one hand but on the other hand that it's a 21st century story for teenage girls and young women and it has to resonate and be valid with what women are going through today...

"Marrying those up has been a great challenge... The creative team, we are having one more workshop that's a read-through of our latest draft and we have been spending the last year getting it to a place where we are feeling really good about it... As Nick Hytner (Sir Nicholas Hytner, artistic director of the National Theatre) said to me, 'Making a musical is a glorious nightmare' but this one can't just be good, it has to be better than good."