Tori Amos has found an unlikely friend and fan in U.S. wrestling great Mick Foley.
The Cornflake Girl singer only discovered Foley knew who she was when she arranged for him to meet her nephew, who idolises the grizzled fighter - and now he's one of her favourite people.
Foley has even signed on to help support Amos' anti-sexual assault organisation Rainn, which she insists has been a huge boost.
She tells, "He's great. My nephew is a wrestling aficionado, and somehow I had heard through Rainn that he was doing some really great things for the charity. I met him, and he had heard that my nephew was a wrestling fan, and it kind of went on from there. He's been really beyond stellar to the charity. He's really given.
"He's a really liberal, creative figure too, and I think there's a side to him that has always been sort of the poet of the wrestling world, where I wish we could read all his journals of everything he's experienced because I think he's quite a writer."