Singer/songwriter Tori Amos is asking her fans to get creative and provide the artwork for her upcoming tour programme.
Amos has asked devotees in 10 cities on the upcoming Night of Hunters tour to take analogue photos of their surroundings as part of a competition that could land amateur snappers the chance to show off their talents in the concert booklet.
Fans in New York, Moscow, London, Philadelphia, Berlin, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Chicago and Amsterdam will be able to take part in the contest.
Amos says, "My fans are some of the most creative people I know, so with their help I want them using their own analogue photography to represent some of the cities on the tour.
"The best photos will then be featured in my programme that will be available at all the shows on the Night of Hunters tour. We have chosen just 10 of the many great cities we will be visiting to take inspiration from and I am really looking forward to seeing the results and having some fun picking the winning shots."
The snappers with the best individual inspirational city photos will have their image published and credited in the Tori Amos tour book.