Tori Amos credits her husband and the birth of their daughter with helping her to finally get over a brutal sexual assault 25 years ago.
The singer/songwriter was attacked at knifepoint when she was 21, and co-founded RAINN - The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network - ten years later to help survivors of sexual assault.
The incident left her unable to maintain a healthy relationship with a man until she married her husband, sound engineer Mark Hawley, in 1998.
And she credits Hawley with helping her overcome the attack, admitting it was the birth of their daughter, eight-year-old Natashya, that finally ended her anxieties.
She says, "I don't think I had a healthy, intimate relationship until I was with my husband... The birth of my daughter was my healing. I claimed my body back. I stopped being a victim. And I happened to marry a man who, because he's British, was not ingrained with that religious seed that America can scatter. He believes in a woman's right to her own sovereignty. It took the love of a good man.
"When I was reverting back to my, let's say, perversions, he would say: 'Let's go get an ice cream. I am not going to enable you. If you can only come as a wanton woman for hire, because you feel dirty and shamed, then no. Women are goddesses.' And I know that and I believe that. I chose a man who believed that too."