Classic mug shot ahoy! Of course the last thing on the police's mind when taking suspect photos is whether their subjects look glamorous or not, even if they're fading celebrities who were once stars on one of the most watched shows on American television. So befell the fate of Lisa Robin Kelly, former star on 'That 70s Show,' who was arrested for the rather heavy sounding charge of corporal injury upon a spouse at the weekend.

Formerly oozing with sex appeal during her role as Laurie Forman, the sister of Topher Grace's character Eric, Kelly wasn't looking quite so alluring in a mug shot that showed tousled unkempt blonde hair and huge bags under her eyes, with little to no make-up applied. The only thing you could say about the picture was that at least the 42 year-old was smiling. It's the second time in a couple of years she's found herself photographed by the feds, according to The Los Angeles Times. In 2010 she was arrested on another charge of driving whilst intoxicated, something that she pled guilty to leading to 12 months of unsupervised probation and a fine.

Kelly left 'That 70s Show' after its third season, returning to it at the end of the fifth season. However despite a few more episodes she never managed to get her foot fully back in the door and her sexy blonde role was filled by CHRISTINA MOORE.