Lesbian Top Gun star Kelly McGillis is glad she married her long term partner last month (Sep10) - because she has "no secrets anymore".
The actress, who played Tom Cruise's love interest in the hit 1986 movie, 'came out' last year (09) and confirmed her relationship with sales executive Melanie Leis.
The couple met in 2000 and exchanged vows in a small courthouse ceremony in New Jersey on 15 September (10) - and MCGillis admits she found the same-sex marriage a "relief".
She explains, "I have no secrets anymore, and in some ways it’s a relief. My kids have always been very understanding. But it was their friends, and their friends’ parents, that weren’t very accepting. My kids suffered a great deal because I was with Mell, and that bothered me a lot, and so I chose never to talk about it."
MCGillis has two daughters from her second marriage to Fred Tillman.