Screen star VAL KILMER showed his softer side when approached by a Top Gun fan in a restaurant toilet.

The volatile TOP GUN actor was dining at London celebrity restaurant THE IVY with Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino and actor Kevin Spacey, when he paid a visit to the lavatory.

Kilmer played along when the fan approached him as he stood at the urinal in the men's toilets.

A source says, "This guy quoted Top Gun and said to him, 'You can be my wing man anytime.'

"He was expecting Val to get a**ey. But Val said, 'No man - you can be mine.'

"They had a good laugh, and then the guy asked Val if he could greet him at the bar like he's an old friend, to wind his old pal up. Val agreed."

16/03/2005 13:58