The mother of the 14-year-old boy harassed by rapper Tony Yayo has slammed the G-UNIT star for signing up for an upcoming book tour promoting teen literacy - because he shouldn't be hailed as a role model. The So Seductive hitmaker - real name Marvin Bernard - pleaded guilty to intimidating the son of Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond, who manages his hip-hop rival The Game, in a New York court last month (Feb08). Yayo, a close friend and collaborator of 50 Cent, had charges of assault dropped after his co-defendant Lowell Fletcher admitted the rapper had nothing to do with the attack. However, Yayo did confess to "glaring" at the teenager in a way "meant to threaten physical violence", reports He was ordered to undertake 10 days of community service and, as part of his sentence, is to front the New York campaign spearheaded by Glenn Toby's Book Bank Foundation to encourage youngsters to read more. But Cynthia Reed is furious the 29-year-old has been allowed to take part in such a promotion and has vowed to protest at the five-day event, which begins on Monday (10Mar08). In a statement addressed to the founder of the foundation, she says, "Shame on you Glenn Toby for letting Marvin Bernard's punishment look like willful charity. "Crimes against children should never be legitimised just because a person is an entertainer. A public apology is appropriate at this time, not only from Tony Yayo but from 50 Cent for denying this event ever happened."