The mother of the teenage boy harassed by Tony Yayo has hit the rapper and his mentor 50 Cent with a lawsuit, accusing the pair of targetting her son because of their own rivalry with the child's father, JIMMY 'HENCHMAN' ROSEMOND.
Yayo, real name Marvin Bernard, pleaded guilty in February (08) to intimidating Rosemond's son James in a March 2007 altercation in New York.
However, he was cleared of assault charges after his co-defendant Lowell Fletcher accepted the blame and admitted the So Seductive hitmaker had nothing to do with the attack on the 14-year-old.
But Cynthia Reed is still fuming about the rapper's involvement in the incident, and is holding 50 Cent - Yayo's label boss, who wasn't even in New York when the assault took place - responsible for his actions.
At the time, James was wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of Czar Entertainment, the company run by Rosemond - and Reed insists the attack was part of a long-held vendetta against her ex, who manages G-Unit rival The Game.
Her lawyer Richard Reich says, "It's hard to believe that a 14-year-old boy walking on East 25th Street at 6 in the evening was attacked by four adult males just because of the shirt he was wearing."
However, 50 Cent's lawyer Benjamin Brafman has brushed off the legal action, accusing Reed of looking for "a quick payday", reports the New York Daily News.