Rapper Tony Yayo from 50 CENT's G-Unit posse has been released from prison after serving a year for gun possession.

The hip-hop star, who appears in a series of G-Unit and 50 Cent videos and promo material, was welcomed back to freedom after leaving LAKEVIEW SHOCK INCARCERATION CORRECTIONAL FACILITY in New York on Thursday (09JAN04).

Yayo was arrested on 31 December 2002 due to a previous existing warrant.

In 50 Cent's latest DVD THE NEW BREED, Yayo says, "I was on the run. BET (BLACK ENTERTAINMENT NEWS), MTV, I was doing all that on the run.

"I was in the WANKSTA video, IN DA CLUB video, I was on the run. Nobody knew. I figured it was gonna catch up. I was gonna turn myself in after 50's album dropped. (In jail) I did see kids get cut up and niggas get f***ed up for not minding their business."

Yayo will join his crewmates to star in American TV comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, alongside Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey later this month (JAN04).

12/01/2004 17:28