The mystery surrounding Tony Scott 's death has become even more baffling, with the news that he was "burning with excitement" about making Top Gun 2. According to a report from The Metro, the 68 year-old recently met with Tom Cruise, to discuss the movie, which was set to go into production next year. Tom Rothman has said that he met with Tony Scott around a fortnight ago and said that he showed signs of being excited about "creating stuff."
When the news initially broke that Scott had jumped to his death from a bridge in Los Angeles, ABC reported that Tony was believed to have been suffering with brain cancer and had committed suicide in order to spare his family the suffering. However, his family and close friends have insisted that he was not suffering from any serious illness.
Craig Harvey, a chief at Los Angeles County Coroner's office told Los Angeles Times "The family told us it is incorrect that he has inoperable brain cancer." Friends of the director have backed this up by saying that he had simply been focusing on working on Top Gun 2 and added that they were not aware of any financial or marital problems. It s expected to take at least a month for the results of the autopsy to reveal whether or not he was indeed suffering any serious illness. A suicide note was found at his office, though the contents of the letter have not been made public.