Director Tony Scott employed real Mexican, Cambodian and Vietnamese gang members for his new action movie DOMINO because he didn't think actors could be intimidating enough.

The Brit admits he was terrified when he came face to face with real-life thugs while researching the story of late socialite-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY - and wanted to convey that on the big screen.

He explains, "I did an enormous amount of research when I was in Mexico City in finding the head of the 18th Street gang and the Vietnamese gang.

"The Cambodians didn't trust us - even though we were very unintimidating. All of a sudden this guy came out of the woodwork with 50 guys surrounding us and thought we drug enforcement agents.

"I honestly thought, `I'm in trouble here,' but they split.

"You can't get those faces or reproduce them with a casting agent and try to find what those guys experience on a daily basis with actors.

"The real gang members bring something fresh. These guys don't drive around in a Hummer or live in Beverly Hills; they lead a whole different life."