Director Tony Scott had to battle to cast actor Mickey Rourke in his new film DOMINO, because movie bosses were unsure about the reformed wildman's reliability.

Rourke has a reputation for being volatile and hard to work with, and would not have got the part if not for the faith Scott had in his talents.

Scott, who also cast Rourke in his last film, Man on Fire, says, "It's hard when you're with a studio, they always go 'We don't want Mickey.' He burnt a lot of bridges, but here he blooms. He's fantastic."

And Rourke, 49, appreciates being given the chance to show his dedication: "They wanted somebody else to do this. Tony fought for me to do this.

"At the same time Guy Ritchie offered me a part in his movie (Revolver) but I've got a loyalty to Tony and I had to be there and I'm not going to make the same mistakes I made before."