Actor-turned-Tv archaeologist Tony Robinson was devastated to miss out on the chance to dig up the remains of British King Richard Iii after his popular Time Team show was axed.

The former Blackadder star presented the series for nearly 20 years before it was cancelled in 2012, just months before another Tv archaeological team made one of the most important historical discoveries in recent memory by finding the body of Richard Iii under a car park in Leicester, England.

Robinson has now revealed he was heartbroken to watch another Tv team carry out the dig.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Was there a little bit of me wanting to present it? A little bit? I am absolutely gutted. I was doubly gutted because I didn't think it would be Richard Iii. I said it was unlikely because archaeology doesn't discover history. You can discover social history - what you read from the pots, bricks and coins - but digging down and expecting to find a particular moment in history isn't what archaeology does. Boy was I wrong."

Robinson admits he was even more hurt when a U.K. publication wrongly reported that he was involved in the project.

He adds, "Me and my manager got 20 calls from different news agencies asking us to talk about Richard Iii. I couldn't because I wasn't f**king there, I wasn't f**king asked."