Tony Parker, the Nba superstar and former husband of Eva Longoria, is suing the New York nightclub Wip for $20 million, claiming he was injured in a brawl involving rappers Drake and Chris Brown. The well-documented brawl happened on Thursday (June 14, 2012), after which it transpired Parker was in the club at the time.
The San Antonio Spurs star filed the lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court this week, claiming he was hit by shards of glass and suffered lacerations to his cornea when bottles started flying during the fight. Parker says the club should never have allowed Drake and Chris Brown into the club, considering their history, though the club owner says he has not been served the papers yet. The injury is potentially a huge deal, given that it could affect Parker's Nba career, but more importantly, his appearance in the Olympics with the French national team this summer. The $20 million in damages comes from Parker's contract with the San Antonio Spurs, which pays him $50 million.
Police are still investigating the alleged brawl between the entourages of Chris Brown and Drake. The former has already spoken to police, though Drake has denied all wrongdoing. Initial reports had suggested the pair came to blows over Rihanna, whom they have both dated in the past.