New martial arts actor Tony Jaa is pouring his sudden wealth back into an elephant sanctuary he founded in his native Thailand. The star of acclaimed new Quentin Tarantino-produced film THE PROTECTOR grew up raising elephants and even developed his martial arts skills using the pachyderms' movements for inspiration. And now he's helping his favourite animals survive by creating and funding a reserve for them. Jaa - real name PANOM YEERUM - says, "In ancient times, the elephants were used for war, and the king was sitting on the elephants. "My family has been raising elephants for many generations and now elephants are in danger, with the modern (development) in Thailand and many parts of the world. "We tend to cultivate and modernise parts of the land where the elephants used to live. So I personally take pride in preserving land, cultivating land for bamboo and sugar cane that the elephants enjoy eating."