In 2013, the veteran rockers released 13, their first record with the original line-up in 15 years, and they hit the road to promote it.

Fans were hoping for a follow-up record after frontman Ozzy Osbourne revealed he was planning to go into the studio with bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Tony for a 2016 album to coincide with the band's farewell tour.

Last month (Oct15), Ozzy ruled out recording a follow-up to 13 because he is too old to carry on rocking, adding, "I think it's time to call it the end of the day."

However, Tony has now revealed Black Sabbath have five unreleased songs left over from the recording sessions for 13 and he is keen to work on the tracks so fans can have more new music from the band.

He tells Q magazine, "I've got so many riffs. I wrote a whole load of stuff for another album and we met up in L.A. but the others... well, Geezer didn't particularly want to do another album. Then again, after you've just had a Number One album, where do you go from there? For the last LP we did record 16 songs (and only used 11), so we may still put something out from that. We don't know yet. Do I intend to stop playing? No. It's the touring really. I'd love to do something with the guys. But, whatever happens, I will do something."

Black Sabbath are due to kick off their farewell tour, titled The End, in Omaha, Nebraska on 20 January (16).