BLACK SABBATH star Tony Iommi has eclipsed JEMI HENDRIX to the title of Greatest Metal Guitarist Of All Time.

Music publication GUITAR WORLD named Ozzy Osbourne's bandmate Iommi as the top guitarist ahead of joint second place James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

AC/DC siblings ANGUS and MALCOLM YOUNG appeared at three, RANDY RHOADS - the late sideman for OZZY OSBOURNE - at four, and EDDIE VAN HALEN landed fifth spot.

Surprisingly the late Hendrix appeared low down the list at 12, though the magazine's editor-in-chief BRAD TOLINSKI says he considers the 60s star as a "futuristic blues player".

He adds, "Iommi's essentially the guy that created most of the conventions for heavy metal."

02/02/2004 17:23