Tony Hawk has launched a new fashion line.

The 50-year-old skateboarding legend has created the Tony Hawk Signature Line and unveiled his range at Paris Fashion Week.

Extreme sportsman Tony thinks now is the perfect time to unveil his luxury collection as skating has ''permeated so much of culture and fashion'' over the past few years.

Speaking to Hypebeast, he said: ''I think skating has permeated so much of culture and fashion over the past few years, with the success of Supreme and Palace and things like that, I think it's great. I never thought that we had to keep skating underground to keep it cool.

''We'd never done anything so high-end before.''

The professional skater's collection will feature t-shirts, hoodies, flannel button-downs, jackets, bowling shirts and carpenter pants with bursts of tie-dye and fluorescent colour.

Certain pieces in the athlete's line will include personal photographs from his archive, including an image of the first time he ever set foot on a skateboard while dressed as a devil on Halloween in 1974 and an image of the same skating deck that now features in the Smithsonian museum.

Tony collaborated on the line's campaign with iconic photographer Anton Corbijn, the creative director behind the visual output of Depeche Mode and U2, having handled the chief promotion and sleeve photography for both bands over three decades.

Sharing a black and white picture of Tony stood with a group of skater's modelling his collection, the brand's official Instagram account wrote: ''For the first Tony Hawk Signature Line, we had the pleasure to collaborate with iconic photographer Anton Corbijn // The image story is released today in Paris // Collection will be available mid - 2019 at selected retailers worldwide.''