Tony Hadley is working with Beyoncé's 'If I Was a Boy' writer for his next album.

The 58-year old former 'Spandau Ballet' frontman only released his fourth solo album 'Talking to the Moon' in June, but has admitted he's already ''thinking about'' his next album, and will be travelling to LA to work with A-List hitmaker, Toby Gad, who has worked with Beyoncé on her 2008 hit, as well as with John Legend on his 2013 track 'All of Me'.

When asked how long he'd been working on his new solo album, Tony joked: ''It took ten years [to put it together]. The thing is you write songs and you think 'I'm not sure about that', There's even a deluxe version set up that has five bonus tracks and I've still got songs that I just couldn't put on the album.

''So I'm now thinking about the next one too. But I'm also going to do some writing and work in LA with Toby Gad who's worked with Beyoncé and John Legend.''

Despite fans waiting a whopping 12 years between Tony's solo releases - with his third album 'Passing Strangers' dropping in 2006 - the star still has an overwhelming amount of support behind him, and says he's excited for the journey ahead.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', Tony added: ''I've done a Christmas album, I've done a swing album because, I love swing music, but this is the album I've wanted to make for many, many years. And it's just taken a long time, I get distracted very easily - I go on tour, America tours, euro tours, Spandau tours and finally I got to the point where I was sick of hearing my own voice and I thought 'I'm going to finish this album it's going to be out next year'.

''So I finally got my head together and I'm very, very proud of it as everybody is with their own solo work. It's getting a great reaction, we had album of the week with Radio 2, single of the week with Radio 2 and the new single 'Take Back Everything' is on the playlist. It's exciting.''

The 'Through the Barricades' singer walked out on his Spandau Ballet band mates - Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble - over a year ago because they weren't keen on him doing solo work in between their group projects, but he has claimed he was made to feel he had no choice but to leave because they didn't like his way of thinking.

The 'Gold' hitmakers split in 1990 due to a row over royalties, but eventually put their differences aside in 2009 for a reunion tour and the album 'Once More'. They came together again in 2015 for another tour before Tony walked away.