Tony Hadley claims not seeing ''eye-to-eye'' with his former Spandau Ballet bandmate Gary Kemp was partly why he quit.

The 'Through the Barricades' singer parted ways with the 80s pop group last July, and he has now admitted that his strained relationship with the 58-year-old guitarist, and their conflicting views on politics, played a part in his exit.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he spilled: ''If ever there was a rub between two people in Spandau, it was between the two of us.

''It's just two big personalities in a small space. Politically we've never really seen eye to eye, so that's an element of it.''

Tony, 58, also admits that the fact the band - completed by Gary's brother Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble - didn't warm to the idea of doing solo projects in between the band, ultimately drove him out.

He said: ''I thought we could have a Phil Collins/Genesis arrangement, do our own things, get back together every few years. It hasn't happened, has it?

''So, put it this way - if they wanted to get rid of their lead singer, they went about it the right way.''

The 'Gold' hitmakers acrimoniously split in 1990 due to a row over royalties, but eventually put their differences aside in 2009 for a huge reunion tour and the album 'Once More'.

They came together again in 2015 for another tour before Tony walked away.

Tony still insists that he was in the ''right'' in the court battle, in which he, John and Steve claimed they were entitled to hundreds of thousands of the songwriting royalties songwriter Gary receives, adding: ''Because to this day, I maintain I was right.''

However, he accepts that even if he was still in the band, it could never be the same - even if they put water under the bridge.

He said: ''It could never ever be the same. That's impossible. But you learn to get along, and put the past and the angst behind you.''

He also openly admits that they feuded for years, adding: ''You start off on this almost Utopian ideal of brothers together, we are all equal, let's not make the mistakes of bands of the past.

''And then we all shredded each other more than any other band ever did.''

Spandau recently announced new singer Ross William Wild - who is half Tony's age - as his replacement, just before Tony releases his solo LP 'Talking To The Moon' on Friday (08.06.18).