Spandau Ballet are to record their first new album in 25 years.

The new wave group - comprised of Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp and his brother Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble - confirmed via their Twitter account that they are heading into the studio for lay down their first original release since 1989.

Gary Kemp said: ''My bro @realmartinkemp lays down Spandau bass while Trevor looks on ... Guitar overdubs for new songs in progress. Obviously enjoying it too (sic)''

Martin added: ''@garyjkemp smashing it in the Studio today laying down guitar on new @Spandau_Ballet tracks! (sic)''

It's also been revealed that Spandau Ballet are working with iconic pop producer Trevor Horn, who has previously worked with Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Pet Shop Boys.

The group initially split in 1989, but managed to put their differences aside for a world tour in 2009.

Shortly afterwards, the boys released 'Once More', an album that largely consisted of re-worked versions of their classic tracks.

However, their new release will feature entirely original material and although a release date is still to be announced, their new documentary 'Soul Boys of the Western World' will be available in October.