Politically-minded ex-SPANDAU BALLET singer Tony Hadley has hit out at Britain's chief opposition party for failing to take advantage of a drop in support for the UK's Labour government.

The GOLD singer recently revealed himself to be a keen supporter of the unfashionable Conservative party, but he's less than impressed with opposition leader MICHAEL HOWARD.

Hadley feels Howard should take a more aggressive stance in what is likely to be an election year (05) in the UK.

He says, "I'm not happy with the government, but I don't think much of this mob (Conservatives) either. They should be punching Labour's lights out and they're not.

"Michael Howard's great at (weekly debate) Prime Minister's Questions but he's far too apologetic. For example, he's making promises about inheritance tax but not being straightforward about why. It's a criminal tax, he should just come out and say it."

19/01/2005 13:53