Actor Tony Danza has opened up about his recent experience as a high school teacher for a new book.
The Crash star went back to the classroom in 2009 when he joined the staff at Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and filmed the documentary Teach: Tony Danza.
He has since put pen to paper to share his thoughts and feelings about the year he spent as a rookie English teacher for his new tome, I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had.
He admits heading back to school to sit at the head of the class had always been an aspiration of his, and it was his idea to make Tony Micelli, his character in 1980s TV comedy Who's the Boss?, a teacher.
He tells People magazine, "I'd always wanted to (teach). Tony Micelli became a teacher, and that was no accident. I wanted to satisfy the dream."
However, Danza admits learning to deal with vulnerable kids in the classroom wasn't easy.
He says, "It's emotionally gruelling. These kids have crazy stories. They open up to you and you're saddled. (But) it was the most amazing experience. I wish everyone would do it."
The actor has kept in touch with a few of his students and some have even turned to him for romance advice.
He adds: "I've got a guy now who's got girl problems driving me crazy!"