Tony Danza, the Italian-American actor, is celebrating his 60th birthday today, the same day that Queen Elizabeth II turns 85. The actor rose to fame playing the cab driver turned part time boxer 'Tony Banta' in the hit sitcom 'Taxi'.
Danza hit the headlines earlier this year when U.S. Magazine reported that he had filed for divorce from his wife Tracy Robinson. The couple married back in 1986 and have two daughters together Katherine and Emily. The pair reportedly separated around five years ago and a family friend confirmed that they have finally decided to end their marriage, saying, "They've technically been separated for a few years but they worked through it and were still together. I'm not sure what happened, they decided to make it official". Danza, who has been nominated for several Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe, last appeared on screen in the 2010 crime-thriller 'Aftermath' starring Anthony Michael Hall and Jamie Harrold.
Other celebrities celebrating their birthdays today include the actress Andie McDowell, actor James Mcacoy, singer Patti LuPone, comedian Rob Riggle, and the rocker Iggy Pop, who gave a typically wild performance on American Idol earlier this month.