Former TAXI star Tony Danza has spoken out about shocking new photos of his daughter puffing cannabis from a pipe, insisting the teenager's mistakes are being made too public - because of him.

The actor-turned-US chat show host was horrified when he learned of US tabloid plans to print pictures of his daughter KATIE looking high in the back of a car and puffing away poolside.

And, in a bid to face the scandal head on, Danza approached the Globe to try and explain his daughter's actions.

He says, "Make no mistake, understand, I am not happy about this.

"But my Katie is a good kid, who like other kids her age, has made mistakes. The only difference is that because I am on TV, she ends up being in the public eye."

The pot-smoking scandal could not come at a worse time for wholesome Danza, who stands to lose his daytime TV show after just two seasons, due to falling ratings.