Actor-turned-TV host Tony Danza was forced to host his morning chat show without an audience on Monday (06FEB06) after his New York studio flooded over the weekend (04-05FEB06).

The TAXI star, 54, arrived at the New York studio on Monday to discover it had been flooded after heat from the lights triggered the sprinkler system over the weekend.

Producers Buena Vista ABC decided to 'uninvite' the audience as a safety precautions, so Danza used a remote control to trigger canned laughter and applause whenever he required it, during the live broadcast.

The show's producer David Perler tells the New York Post, "We thought of running an evergreen (show), but I have to hand it to Tony - he's the hardest-working man in show business.

"Tony said, 'Come on, it's sweeps, the show must go on.' So we came in yesterday and figured out how to work around it. We had the option of using a re-run but Tony wanted to be honest."