Actor Tony Danza deeply regrets turning down a starring role in hit TV show NYPD Blue, thinking it would be a flop.

The former TAXI star was offered the role of JOHN KELLY in the series, and when he rejected it, it went to David Caruso, who went on to win an EMMY for his efforts in the show and get nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD.

Danza says, "It came on right as WHO'S THE BOSS? went off the air. I was in (ABC GROUP chairman) BOB EIGER's office one day and he said to me, 'I want you to take a look at these two scripts. They're the first two episodes of a show called NYPD Blue.'

"It was for the part of John Kelly. I said, 'You know, I don't think it's gonna work.'

"Every once in a while I wanna give myself a smack!"

28/09/2004 09:25