Tony Curtis wants to end the long feud with his actress daughter Jamie Lee Curtis - but insists she has no reason to hate him.
The Hollywood veteran is convinced Jamie Lee is still angry about his split from her actress mother Janet Leigh, back in 1962.
But Curtis insists he supported his ex-wife and daughter financially, for long after the divorce, and always gave the 49-year-old True Lies actress attention and affection.
Curtis, 83, tells the National Enquirer, "Perhaps (it's because of) the abrupt way I left her mother and her growing up when I wasn't around.
"I have nothing to be ashamed of with Jamie. I did the best I could. I gave her my affection and caring without making a big deal about it."
And he insists it's now up to Jamie Lee to reach out and reconcile, adding, "What am I going to do. God bless her, I wish her the best. If she can't forgive me, then get another father."