Legendary actor Tony Curtis has justified his five failed marriages, insisting he was jilted as a young boy by the abusive tendencies of his schizophrenic mother.
The 83-year-old star was lusted after throughout his career as one of Hollywood's most handsome leading men.
And Curtis insists his own lust for women has yet to leave him - even 10 years after wedding his sixth wife, Jill.
He says, "I have a feeling she (my mother) was abused in so many ways and never said a word... she slapped me around for no reason so I avoided her."
And the actor admits he's been desperate for affection since his childhood: "The one quality that never left me was my joy and love of women since I was a kid. My mother shocked me because she just didn't have that loving feeling. So I ran all over... anybody that was a female got me right in their lap.
"As I grew up, I began to find a lot of qualities in women that I liked... I enjoyed living, I enjoyed the ladies I met and that made my life."