British Prime Minister Tony Blair paid to a backstage visit to Rob Lowe this week (begs01AUG05), to thank the actor for his support of Londoners following the terrorist attacks last month (07JUL05).

Former THE WEST WING star Lowe has moved his wife and kids to the British capital for six months while he stars in the West End theatre production of A FEW GOOD MEN.

Lowe has admitted many of his American friends were concerned for his safety, but he refuses to bow to terrorists, saying, "I'm not worried about working in London. After the attacks, I'm actually more anxious to do the play so I can do my bit. I know there has been a tremendous cost for supporting my country's war on terror, but I appreciate it."

After Lowe's public support for London, Blair personally thanked him in between rehearsals at the city's Haymarket Theatre Royal.

Lowe enthuses, "I've got my underwear on, and someone says, 'You have a visitor.' Striding toward me, I see Tony Blair."

04/08/2005 10:31