Veteran crooner Tony Bennett once saved his family's Thanksgiving by winning a turkey.

The beloved singer grew up poor and recalls overhearing his mother complaining about the family's problems one holiday when she had nothing to put on the table.

In new documentary The Zen of Bennett, the Because of You singer says, "My mother was... raising the three children. She was working like a slave, I mean, a penny a dress with the threat of needles going through her nails. It was just horrible.

"There was one Thanksgiving Day and I heard my mother in the kitchen. She said, 'It's Thanksgiving and we have no food on the table.' It ripped my heart out to know that she was so sad.

"There was a raffle in the movie house down the street and I had a ticket. I'll never forget this; I just said, 'I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win.' And I won. Out of all things I won a huge turkey! I came home and I walked in with the turkey and they couldn't believe it... To this day, my brother's whole life, he couldn't get over that happened that day. I've always been kind of lucky that way.

"Every once in a while I have something happen for the best."