The year's Tony Awards are likely to be heading the way of SOUTH PARKS' Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the writer's musical 'The Book of Mormon' received 14 nominations, reports the Associated Press. Nominations for the 2011 Tony Awards were announced today (3rd May 2011) with the controversial musical dominating the field.
'The Book Of Mormon', about two Mormon missionaries who find more than they bargained for in Africa, was just one nod short of the record number of nominations. The production has been a surprise hit at the box office, receiving critical acclaim and selling out theatres despite its lack of "big-name stars". The show's actor ANDREW RANNELLS, who also picked up a nomination for himself, said, "This is a brand of humor that very much existed in our culture, on television and films. It was just not reflected on Broadway. Obviously, there's a huge audience for this so why shouldn't it be a musical?" Explaining the play's profanities during an interview with ABC News, Stone said, "We use Mormonism and the Book of Mormon to talk about religion in general. Anybody's religion, to an outsider, is just as goofy. We don't think Mormonism is any goofier than Hinduism or Christianity".
The second-highest nominations for this year's Tony Awards went to 'The Scottsboro Boys' and there was also shouts for Jez Butterworth's British play 'Jerusalem' and for the long-running 'War Horse'.