Acclaimed film and stage producer Tony Adams has died of a stroke in New York City. He was 52.

The Irish-born film-maker passed away on Saturday (22OCT05) at Manhattan's Beth Israel Hospital, his spokesman PETER CROMARTY confirmed.

Adams began working in the film industry as an assistant to director John Boorman on 1972 classic thriller DELIVERANCE, before starting his producing career as an associate producer on the BLAKE EDWARDS-directed The Return of the Pink Panther in 1975.

The pair struck up a successful film-making partnership and went on to make VICTOR/VICTORIA (82), 10 (79), THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (83) and a series of Pink Panther movies, including The Pink Panther Strikes Again (76), Revenge of the Pink Panther (78), TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (82), CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (83) and SON OF THE PINK PANTHER.

In 1995, Adams produced the Broadway production of Victor/Victoria, starring the film version's lead, Edwards' wife Julie Andrews and Tony Roberts.

Adams is survived by his third wife ANNE RUNOLFSSON and four children.