Toni Collette thinks she's ''too old'' to star in a 'Muriel's Wedding' sequel.

The 45-year-old actress starred as Muriel Heslop in the 1994 comedy-drama movie and while Toni has hinted she'd be open to appearing in a sequel, she doubts she'd be able to reprise the same role.

Asked whether there would be a 'Muriel's Wedding' sequel, she explained to ITV's 'Lorraine': ''I can't imagine what that would be?

''They made a musical about it which is about to tour Australia. I was a little dubious and a little concerned about it - it blew my mind. It was so good. I really hope it comes to the West End. It's absolutely brilliant.

''It could be a film version of the musical. I'm too old [to reprise my role]. I could maybe play the mum.''

Meanwhile, Toni previously claimed it feels like ''many more roles are opening up for women''.

The Australian star revealed she's been delighted to witness the way the Time's Up movement has changed the industry for the better.

She explained: ''I'm now a middle-aged woman and ... it feels like many more roles are opening up for women. That's my personal experience.

''It's not just this industry, it's society at large. There's been this ridiculous sense of inequality. Anyway, it's about time. It's such a necessary change and it really is occurring. You can feel it.''