Toni Collette feels like ''many more roles are opening up for women''.

The 45-year-old actress - who is a veteran of the movie business - has revealed she's been delighted to witness the way the Time's Up movement has changed the industry for the better, and Toni believes there are an increasingly diverse range of opportunities for female performers.

She explained: ''I'm now a middle-aged woman and ... it feels like many more roles are opening up for women. That's my personal experience.

''It's not just this industry, it's society at large. There's been this ridiculous sense of inequality. Anyway, it's about time. It's such a necessary change and it really is occurring. You can feel it.''

Toni's latest movie, the thriller 'Hereditary', is loosely based on director Ari Aster's own experiences.

And the Australian actress has admitted she thoroughly relished the experience of working with the up-and-coming filmmaker.

She told The i Newspaper: ''Ari is the most meticulous director I've ever worked with.

''As an actor, when you're working with material this intense, you can feel vulnerable if you don't feel supported. But he was just as dedicated and married to this story as I was.

''I can't even tell you ... the emails I received, like, reams. There was so much backstory and so much detail. There is so much ambiguity in there, but the way everything was knitted together was so exciting.''