LATEST: Toni Braxton's former manager has blamed the break-up of her working relationships on the R+B star's "interfering" husband. The singer settled a lawsuit with BARRY HANKERSON yesterday (14FEB07) after accusing him of profitting from her switch from Arista Records to his own Blackground Records label in 2003. She claimed Hankerson owes her at least $10 million (GBP5.2 million) from the label change and pleaded for a full contract release to pursue her own projects. But the music manager has fired back at reports he's responsible for her disastrous record label history, insisting Braxton's husband KERI LEWIS made his job impossible. He tells the New York Daily News, "It was a terrible experience for us. We had to work through her husband to get things done, and it was really tough for us. "She was with the best hitmakers in the world, but she infused another person in the mix. Look at the back of the albums. All of a sudden you start seeing this new name. You couldn't get to Toni or offer her a song." A spokesperson for Braxton retorts, "(Hankerson's) continuing to blame Toni's husband for everything except Hurricane Katrina is both untrue and unfounded."