Soul star Toni Braxton will have to rely on medications for the rest of her life to control her ongoing heart problems.
The Unbreak My Heart hitmaker was hospitalised in April 2008 after experiencing complications relating to microvascular angina - a condition which causes inadequate blood flow through the cardiac blood vessels.
Braxton has refused to let her health issues affect her work - she's set to release a new album and go on tour later this year (10).
But the singer reveals she is dependent on medication to help her lead a normal life.
She says, "I was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and the doctor told me the cure was a a heart transplant, so we had to go over donors to see if I qualified. I never knew so much detail went into getting a transplant of any type. It's a good job I (got a second opinion), because they misdiagnosed me. They told me I'd had a petite heart attack instead, so I was like, 'OK, wahoo!'
"It can just happen for no reason. People can have perfectly good blood pressure but all of a sudden they complain of chest pains and they find that they have this angina. I'll be on some medications for the rest of my life but I can live a normal life. It hasn't stopped me."