LATEST: Toni Braxton is free to pursue new projects after settling a lawsuit with her former personal manager. Representatives for the Grammy Award winner and BARRY HANKERSON confirmed Braxton has returned a $375,000 dollar (GBP192,000) advance and will pay Hankerson royalties from her next album. According to Braxton's lawyer, MICHAEL SITRICK, Hankerson had previously demanded an additional $1 million (GBP512,000) from the R+B singer with only a partial release from her contract but Hankerson refutes the claim. Braxton filed the papers in a US District Court in Manhattan on 12 January (07), accusing Hankerson of profitting from her switch from Arista Records to his own Blackground Records label in 2003. She claimed Hankerson owed her at least $10 million (GBP5.2 million) from the label change.