Singer Toni Braxton regrets rushing back to her hit Las Vegas stageshow after surgery to treat endometriosis - because she couldn't give fans her all. The soulful star underwent the surgery to treat the fibroid tumours she has in her uterus in secret - and then rushed back to her show, Toni Braxton: Revealed, at the Flamingo hotel and casino just seven days later. She had to cut back her show and give up certain dance numbers because she was in too much pain. She tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "I'm sure I went back to work too soon... I didn't want to have to do make-up days. "Contractually, with anything, you say I'm giving you this many shows. "It was rough. If I wasn't doing this show, like the doctors say, I wouldn't be able to exercise for 21 days." And bruised Braxton admits her latest surgery, which was incorrectly misconstrued as a breast cancer scare in the U.S. media, was brutal. She adds, "They went through my belly button and there are two little cuts on the side."