Toni Braxton has put her son DIEZEL into speech therapy in a bid to help him communicate with his classmates, rather than bite them.

The BREATHE AGAIN singer was horrified when she learned about her two-year-old's nasty habit, which led to him getting suspended from summer school.

She explains, "I got a note sent home... They (school teachers) gave a warning... and then they said, 'Can you come pick up Diezel? We think he needs to be home for a couple of weeks.'

"See, Diezel doesn't speak. He had all kinds of tests. He is not autistic. They said some kids just don't talk until later. So he is in speech therapy.

"In the school year he was fine and in the summer class they have all kids together - the two-year-olds with the three and four-year-olds. So if they take something from him, he can't say 'Give it back,' so he would bite them, which is fine but he started biting the teacher."