Singing beauty Toni Braxton is so nervous about forgetting the words to her own songs during live performances, she's considering getting help from a teleprompter.

The BREATHE AGAIN singer has realised just how important it is to remember the words to her songs since recently beginning her starring role in the Broadway production of hit musical AIDA.

She says, "When I do a concert and I forget the lyrics - which is often - I say, 'Okay - you sing!' I tell the audience to participate, but on stage you can't do that. I'm like, 'Oh gosh, if I mess up the lyrics, what do I do?' You get one time to get it right."

And sexy Braxton is not averse to using a bit of promoting technology herself, adding, "I will probably need that in another two years; I'm approaching that. You forget. There's so many things to remember - all the lyrics for the songs. Most singers forget our lyrics."

28/07/2003 21:14